Young Ambassador Competition


WELCOME to 2021 Bert Mason European Young Ambassador Competition in THESSALONIKI!

The Lions Young Ambassador of the 21st Century Award programme, which operates throughout Europe, is part of the Lions Opportunities for Youth initiative. It is a competition that recognises young people (between the ages of 15 and 19) for their outstanding community service involvement, leadership accomplishments and communication skills. The programme is looking for future leaders with an emphasis on community service as being part of that leadership.

Each member of the Europa Forum is invited to present their finalist for the 13th edition of the European Young Ambassador Award programme. Only finalists of the national competition can participate. Further information about the competition can be obtained by the local Young Ambassador Officer or the European Young Ambassador Committee.

General Information
The Young Ambassadors Award programme offers young people the following benefits:
• It encourages them to seek experience in community involvement, leadership and public speaking.
• It broadens awareness of community service opportunities and organisations.
• It sharpens their interview and communication skills.
• It recognizes the value of their achievements.

The Young Ambassadors Award programme offers Lions these benefits:
• It furthers the Lions ideals, by encouraging young people to pursue community service involvement.
• It renews Club members’ enthusiasm and commitment to youth and service, through exposure to committed, enthusiastic young leaders in our communities.
• It strengthens public awareness of Lions and their youth and service initiatives.
• It introduces young people to future service and leadership opportunities.

The below text is an extract from the Rules of Procedure. If in doubt, only the official version of the regulation will be valid.


1. To be eligible, finalists must be no younger than 15 and no older than 19 on 30th June in the year Europa Forum is held.
2. Each member of the Europa Forum may nominate one and only one participant for the competition.
3. Forum members are countries or states as defined in Article III – Rules of Procedures of the Europa Forum.
4. Finalists must be registered with the Chairman of the European Committee by the end of July in the year of the competition, using the application form provided.
5. The finalists’ costs for attending the competition will be the responsibility of the entering members.

 Each finalist will be interviewed by three judges. The judges are “non-Lions”, male and female, from the service sector, education and Industry. They will mark the finalists on the community service activity, personality and leadership qualities, use of the prize money and the ability to speak about their service activity.

 The prizes will be awarded as follows and are required to be spent on their project:
1st prize   :   3.000 EUR
2nd prize :    1.250 EUR
3rd prize  :       750 EUR

You can find the detailed information in the files Rules of Procedure of the Lions European Young Ambassador Award and the Application Form YAA 2021.


Thank you for attending EF2021!

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