Meteora – Kalampaka



DURATION: 07:30 – 19:30

FULL DAY at The floating monastaries

Early buffet  breakfast  and   early  start   to  the  day  , as  we   head towards  Meteora  and Kalambaka  on this  optional full   day  excursion . The otherworldly  rocks  of Meteora  give  the opportunity  to  the  visitors  to   combine  nature    with  religious  and  archeological  interests   since  the 6 monasteries  that  survive  are  masterpieces  of  the  12 th  century  until the  18 th century A.D Frescoes  and  icons, every day  life  of   a monastery together  with    the  small  museums   allow  the   visitor   to  feel  the serenity  of  the  monastic  life.

Kalampaka   the  town   at  the  foot   of  the  rocks   with    the  monasteries   is  a  charming   little  town  facing  those  milestones  of  the Orthodox  church where  we will visit two monasteries there.

Late  in  the  evening  we   return   to  our  hotel .  We  can go for a stroll along  the promenade and enjoy  a coffee, this  is Thessaloniki favourite recreation  and the city  offers a huge array  of coffee shops  for all tastes. Have  anice Greek coffee , or even better , a frappe coffee, and spoli yourself  with  a couple  of  hours of chit-chat and doing nothing .

Day Tour to Meteora


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