The EF2021 will be a covid free congress

The EF2021 will be a covid free congress

  • August 25, 2021
  • News
  1. The Host Committee of the 66th Lions Europa Forum considering the health and safety of the hundreds of delegates of all over the world attending the EF21 as the top priority, decided that the EF21 will be a COVID FREE event.

  2. Due to the decision for a COVID FREE FORUM, delegates who wish to cancel their participation at the Forum will get an 80% refund of the amount paid, until the 31st of August. We remind you that the same cancellation policy applies to the delegates who want to cancel their participation for any other reason.

  3. For the delegates who wish to have a “negative test” statement returning to their countries, the Host Committee has organized an onsite medical unit to supply this document timely, efficient and quick.

It is necessary that you should have already completed the PLF form before your trip to Greece and your entry in the country.

Further instructions will be uploaded on the official Forum Website in September.

 Safety first, convenience for the delegates!!!


Thank you for attending EF2021!

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