Music Competition Thomas Kuti

Music Competition Thomas Kuti

Music Competition Thomas Kuti is one of the two main competitions (the other one is Bert Mason European Young Ambassador Award) that take place during the annual Europa Forum.The aim of this competition is to put the principle of Lionism into practice, promoting fraternity and exchange among young people.

In the photos you can see the 3 winners of last year’s competition in Tallinn:

Instrument: Classical Guitar:
1st prize: Ozberg Mirac Sarigul (MD 118 Turkey)
2nd prize: Bruno Pino Mateos (MD 116 Spain)
3rd prize: Andrzey Grygier (D 121 Poland)

Prof. Michael Lewin, London
Prof. Evgeni Finkelstein, Moscow
Prof. Heiki Matlik, Tallinn

You can find more info about the “Lions Music European Competition Tomas Kuti” in the following link:
The next Competition will be held in Thessaloniki during the EF 2020 (1 October – 3 October, 2020). LEMC Chairperson is Ingo Brookman (MD 111 – Germany) and Vice Chairpeson is PDG Michael Christoforou (MD 117 – Greece & Cyprus)In EF 2020 the Lions Music Competition will happen for the first time with the instrument saxophone!!Let’s spread the word about this wonderful competition!

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