EF2021 Thessaloniki presentation at the ELVS

EF2021 Thessaloniki presentation at the ELVS

  • October 20, 2020
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Forum President PID George Papas welcomes you to EF2021 Thessaloniki which has the theme “United Sovereign Europe – Precondition For World Peace”.

The Forum President then introduces Program Director, PDG George Savvides, who is hoping that presenters will relate their topics to the Forum theme.

  • There will be almost 80 events in the Forum Hotel, with the exception of the Opening/Closing Sessions and the Music Competition.
  • Sessions will start in the morning Wednesday, 6 October and conclude on Saturday evening, 9 October 2021.
  • The Agora and Speaker’s Corner will operate fully; interested parties are welcome to contact him.

The Forum President also introduces PDG Konstantinos Kritikos who is responsible for the Social Program. He promises to provide attendees with the best of impressions regarding Greek hospitality which will include something about ancient Greece.

The Host Committee of EF2021 Thessaloniki would like to thank the Host Committee of the 1st European Lions Virtual Symposium for giving the chance to present next Europa Forum to all ELVS attendees.We invite you to enjoy Greek hospitality and culture, the beautiful sights of our City and work together to promote the values of LCI. The Host Committee and all our volunteers are working hard to provide you with a truly unique experience from all aspects.


Thank you for attending EF2021!

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