Bert Mason European Young Ambassador Award

Bert Mason European Young Ambassador Award

Bert Mason European Young Ambassador Award is one of the two main competitions (the other is the Lions European Music Competition Thomas Kuti) that take place during the annual Europa Forum.The aim of the Young Ambassador award is twofold:

• To recognise, encourage and support young people who are actively involved in the welfare of the community
• To raise the profile of Lions and increase our own service activities

Last year in Talinn there were 9 participants from 9 different Districts and Multiple Districts. The winner of the Competition was Alexia Marza from Romania (the one in the middle photo)

People who are in need are the focus of Alexia. It starts with children suffering from cancer and doesn’t end with adults living in an asylum. She has experienced children and adult people on the edge of what we call “life” and it almost broke her heart. Her first step was to collect money to provide life-supporting apparatuses to a pediatric hospital – in which she already succeeded by winning the European Bert Mason Award at Tallinn. For terminally ill children she intends to fulfil one of their most desired wishes – a project she calls “My Last Wish”. For suffering children and adults she’ll try give them a little bit of normality and easiness by providing live concerts, dancing and painting classes or theatre sideshows. And her own way already seems to be decided: she wants to become an oncologist.

You can find more info about the “Bert Mason European Young Ambassador Award” in the following link: next Competition will be held in Thessaloniki during the EF 2020 (1 October – 3 October, 2020). The Young Ambassador European Committee Chairman is Pompilia Szellner 2nd VDG of D.124 RomaniaLet’s spread the word about this wonderful competition! The deadline for submitting the Application Form is 1st July 2020.

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