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Europa Forum 2021 Host Committee is excited to announce that the global campaign “A Ball for All” is the service project that will be fully supported and highlighted before and during EF 2021 in Thessaloniki. We call all Lions and LCI Districts of the world, regardless of their decision to attend or not EF 2021 to support this original and globally unique campaign which aims to donate these special balls to as many blind and visually impaired children worldwide as possible.

A Ball for All is the world’s first mini football for blind children. What makes it so special is that it has the right sound-mechanism (bells) inside it so that blind people can hear and move towards it and moreover it is very lightweight allowing even a 2-year-old blind child to carry and play with it with ease.

Through our partnership with the Greek NGO “Youthorama”, which is the founder of this project, Lions of Greece have already donated some of these balls to Lions Clubs in over 20 countries in order to distribute them to blind and visually impaired children in their communities.

About the campaign

Last year, Elias Mastoras, founder of Youthorama NGO, created the world’s first mini football for blind children. Most importantly, this lightweight football, which has bells inside, cannot be bought in a store: It can only be donated to blind or visually impaired children or young people and their schools.

1) Distribution for free to blind or visually impaired children and young people around the world, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds.
2) Donation to general and special schools for inclusive physical education activities.
3) Implementation of educational programs in children’s and young people’s communities to promote empathy and inclusion.

1) Blind or visually impaired children and young people, their families and schools.
2) Mixed groups – for blind and sighted children and young people – in formal and non-formal education settings and leisure time, to encourage inclusive activities for all.

The educational component of the “A Ball for All” program which will be piloted in schools across Greece in the academic year 2019-20 is supported with a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)).

International Campaign donating


Adopt a ball

Cost per ball 25€ | Minimum order 10 balls

Everybody wins campaign

Get involved and change blind children lives


More info for the NGO www.youthorama.gr & for the campaign www.aballforall.eu

Campaign Videos

Official video and world campaign free innovative ball distribution for blind children.

A Ball for All Promo

We all know that every child has the right to education.

A Ball for All Final

Support this unique global campaign and spread joy and smiles.

Cost per ball 25€ | Minimum order 10 balls

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